John came to the U.S. at the age of 11 from Taiwan; he is a longtime resident of Texas and proud Longhorn (University of Texas) alumni. John came to Maryland in 2008 working as an electronic sales engineer with DMV based high-tech companies. In 2013, John earned a master degree in Engineering and Public Policy from the University of Maryland College Park. John is an active community event participant and a supporter of strong community and quality of life. Currently John resides in Howard County with his family and works as a financial representative for American General Life.

John's Vision

  • Community Matters

    Villages in district 2 need a new life; the village of Long Reach has been waiting for a new village center for over a decade. The village of Oakland Mills needs re-organization and programs to boost its neighborhood and school quality. Local business can be doing much better than they are now and major parkways could be less congested.

  • We can do it ourselves

    John supports community re-vitalization and will work with community leaders and experts to find ways to improve the neighborhoods with our own hands. District 2 is a great community full with bright and talented people and John believes the power to improve and shape the future of this community is in our own hands.

  • John listens

    As a young and passionate candidate, John wants to learn and know what is best for the community from the residents and voters of this community. This is his top priority; in order to strengthen and uplift the quality of life and buildup new community power, it is of vital importance to know and hear the voice of the community first.

  • Policy Principles

    John believes in self-improvement, self-sustainability, and strong community interaction. In addition, John wants to speak out for residents in the district who have not had the chance to express themselves or be heard in the county council. A healthy and safe community, a friendly neighborhoods, and worry-free schools with top education quality are visions John seeks to accomplish in this great district of Howard County.

  • Concentration Groups

    John supports veterans, youth development, and experts with the right ideas and method of approach to community building and technology adaptation.