1st Public Debate at Oakland Mills High School 3/8/2018

1st Public Debate 3/8/18 debate1 debate2 debate3  

"I am part of the diversity", alleged John in his first public debate appearance in Q & A session Thursday evening (3/8/18) held in Oakland Mills High School. In answering how the candidates would keep Jim Rouse' vision in the local area's development, John maintained that he will pass on Rouse' dream & legacy to make Columbia an embracive and inclusive community since he exemplifies diversity himself.  

That evening, the auditorium of Oakland Mills High School was packed with audiences from all over the community to support their ideal candidates.  

In his opening statement, John described his journey when he first came to the U.S. as a young immigrant at age 10. His family had endured much hardship in surviving in the new country. Being an immigrant himself, he can fully understand the struggles of most of the immigrants. Therefore, he can also fully identify with the immigrant communities.  

When asked about the biggest issue in the campaign, he said he wants to hear the voices of people that never been heard before. He also wants to reach out to people whom have never been reached.

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