Aesthetics of Tea and Flower Art Fundraiser 3/4/18

An elegant display of more than 40 kinds of Chinese Cymbidiums collections, a graceful performance of zither (a traditional Chinese string instrument) and an exquisite presentation of Chinese traditional tea art. lanhua1 lanhua2 lanhua3 John-Lanhua461 John-Lanhua412 In a chilly and windy Sunday afternoon, about 80 guests cheerfully gathered in a warm & welcoming home in Ellicott City. 

 They enjoyed the beauty of the art of flower, tea and traditional Chinese music.  

John made a thorough presentation of his campaign of the past, the present and the future. He also shared his vision on District 2 "Community Matters" including Safety Matters, Traffic Matters, Housing and Development Matters, School and Library Matters and Tax Matters.  

He further shared his dream of future Howard including thriving business and a new high school No. 13, etc.

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