John spoke at CAPA (Chinese American Parents Association) Civic Engagement Seminar 01/28/2018

John's presentation at CAPA Seminar 1/28/18 John-CAPA-civic2 John-CAPA-civic1 John spoke at a Civic Engagement seminar as a guest speaker hosted by CAPA (Chinese American Parents Association) on 1/28/18. 

He made a complete presentation on the role and function of Howard County Council and the check balance relationship with County Executive.  

He also introduced the congressional and legislative districts.  

He made a strong point that each County Council has the same voting power to decide any legislations issues related to the County. Therefore, it is important to advocate your ideal candidates even though they are not in your county district.  

John's presentation was both informative and educational. As a knowledgeable speaker, John delivered the entire message clearly and thoroughly.

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